The Law of Awareness – You must know yourself to grow yourself. ~John C. Maxwell

We guide you through process that works on some facet of your life you want to focus on; helping you change something you would like changed. Maybe your fire is dim and your source of fuel is no where to be found. Like a rocket that runs out of propellant, or the breakdown of an electrical device because of too much current, burn-out happens when energy fails.

People are experiencing burn-out because they’re running out of energy for their work. While in some cases that’s a sign that people need to find a new job, I believe that in many cases it’s a sign that people need to find a new source of energy.

Coaching Crossroads® and John C. Maxwell have both taught for a long time that there are three places to find or rediscover the energy available to anyone:

  • Purpose—this is your “why”, the reason you exist, that thing you were made to do. It’s the intersection of your imagination, joy and pain.
  • Passion—this is your “what”, those strengths and skills that make you unique. Passion is fueled by purpose, but it is more than purpose; it’s the action you’re willing to take daily in order to bring that purpose to fruition.
  • People—this is your “who”, the faces of people familiar and unmet, the men and women who will benefit from the work you do with your life. People are the reason behind your purpose and passion; they are the ends, and everything else is the means.

Aligning sources of energy available often sets a domino effect in motion by transforming other areas positively as well. For example, we helped a person in a process of efficiency and one of the unintended consequences was that he treated his mother more kindly. This had positive effects on his legacy he left for his children.

Burn-out isn’t to be taken lightly, but it’s also not a hopeless situation. If you feel like your fire is getting dim, taking time to fan the flame can go a long way to extending your work life. Find a book to rekindle your passion or attend on of our Leadercast or Live2Lead conferences to turn up the heat on your purpose. Spend time around people who remind you of the value you add to others.

We need more leaders (based on good influence – not power or position) who can burn bright without burning out at a time our world needs leaders the most. Stoke the fires of passion, purpose and people, and wake up each day loving what we do and who we get to do it with.

We have all sorts of options to serve the ever changing needs of the clients we serve.