Connections First. What’s Next Second.

Coaching Crossroads® International was born out of our tenacity to synchronize enterprise strategy and fascination with discovering what fuels higher performance and potential in the next generation of leaders.

We are a community of organizational consultants and transformational leaders who understand how to align extraordinary talent toward a shared vision and how to drive “what’s next” in Professional and Personal Growth.

Founded in 1992 by Jamie Chapman; Wolf Tamer, Human Resource Consultant, Speaker & Executive Coach. Our team of transformative coaching professionals are ready to serve locations around the world.

Define your destiny with Coaching Crossroads® Professional & Personal Operational Excellence Compass System, along with our iDEAL Coach® self-coaching model, dynamic Leadership assessments and customized training designed to create an engaging experience that leads to evolutionary growth.

Together, we

  • Assess awareness
  • Become a better learner & listener
  • Check understanding
  • Dominate leadership effectiveness
  • Engage and empower healthier environments

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