Our Story – Why We Exist.

We stand firmly believing fully optimized human beings lead to a better world. People being productive and creative in whatever is theirs to do, even when the world works against us.

We came together in 1992 over a shared interest in truly effective leadership, whole system cognitive enhancement, and the desire to make these tools available to anyone who understands the value of a more powerful mind and who is ready, willing and able to take responsibility for their own experiences.

As founder of Coaching Crossroads®, I am a philanthropist at heart, abrasive behavior turnaround coach and human resource professional by trade. I am sometimes asked about our work here, my work with CACHE (Consortium on Abrasive Conduct in Higher Education), and about the word Ideal Coach® as it relates to abrasive conduct in particular.

To my mind iDeal Coach® means using the best of what is known about how the brain and mind work from all fields and disciplines in the service of realizing humanity’s deepest potentials, starting with self-realization and moving outward. Calling this kind of self-coaching endeavor iDeal Coaching® is adding modern thinking to the ancient practice of seeking self-transformation in service to humanity. What the iDeal Coach® does is focus on actualizing the next logical step in the problem-solving process. We include guided inspiration from our Coaching Crossroads® supervision team and tools for a life dedicated to wisdom, love, and service. At its best iDeal Coaching® involves some of the key tasks of psychology, reflective self-authorship, and the exploration of realizing human potential.

My colleagues would group iDeal Coaching® under what they call, “Total Integral Transformative Practice”. My CACHE colleagues at Harvard, MIT, University of Colorado – Boulder and others call it educational neuroscience.

This work is part of our commitment to engage our research community on the challenges and opportunities of abrasive conduct.



Jamie Chapman
Founder & Human Development Coach

As a San Diego native now living in Idaho, I’m still awestruck with the magnitude of the ocean and intrigued with the majestic beauty of all creation.

Founder of Coaching Crossroads®, Senior HR Business Partner, Co-author www.BeyondConnectingtheDots.com, Teen Hope of Idaho Board Member, and strategic planning member of CACHE. Our most recent Colloquiums were held at Harvard Law School and Gladstone Institute.

I believe you either wire your own mind and brain or they will get wired for you…

Client engagements include: Plexus Manufacturing Solutions, Real Networks, Micron, MPC Computer, Simplot, Nampa Police Department, Metropolotan University – Denver, Lyle Pearson Auto Show and many others.


Ian McGarry MSc.BSc
Organizational & Industrial Psychologist

Ian McGarry runs our wolf coaching experience in Vienna Austria, lectures part-time in Psychology at the Open University and in the Mary Seacole Leadership Program for the NHS in Europe. He has a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Organizational Psychology.

He offers WOW Factor™, a workshop designed to dramatically improve the design and delivery of training courses, and Fabulous Facilitation™, a program that draws on a wealth of research from psychology that can help classroom facilitators design and implement engaging meetings.

Client engagements include: OMV, Lenzing AG, Disney, Linde, Bauer, Heineken, The UK Police, NHS, Plexus to name a few.


Shirley Smith
Human Development Coach & Coaching Supervision

Shirley Smith has creativity rooted deep in her DNA. She loves to cook and is learning how to adapt and try out new recipes in the land of vegan and vegetarian cooking. She loves to paint and is an amazing artist. Her work is inspired by the places and emotions invoked by different life experiences. Shirley is also an amazing hostess to our team when we travel to Austria with clients for the wolf coaching program.

Her learning at the moment is centered on advanced coaching and coaching supervision, feldenkrais technique, somatic intelligence & leadership embodiment. She is fluent in both English & German.


Lori Lodge
Human Development Coach & Learning Facilitator

Lori Lodge brings more than 30 years experience in counseling, psychology, teaching workshops to school counselors for CEU credits, and coaching. As an executive coach, emotional intelligence growth accelerator, master yoga instructor and guided mindfulness session facilitator. She helps organizations improve the overall well-being of culture and individual team members. Her clients learn to focus on the right actions needed to move the needle. They feel both supported and challenged by Lori.

She is a graduate of Royal Roads University Executive Coaching program, and as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Lori combines over 30 years experience facilitating the changes needed to restore health in times of turmoil. Lori holds advanced degrees from Boise State University, University of Idaho and Northwest Nazarene University.


John J Perry
Business Consultant & Leadership Coach

John J. Perry is a highly competent specialist in human productivity systems research, organizational assessment, and diagnosis. His JPEA Assessment provides a multi-faceted look at the preferred behavioral patterns driving and motivating the individual, the perceived behaviors that contribute to successful performance on the job, and perceived support that the organization’s systems, procedures, and practices provide.

He brings more than two decades experience in Aeronautical Engineering as Chief of Management at Systems Division for NASA Dryden.

John’s book is entitled “Creating the Future of Your Choice: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Empowerment.”