Products don’t fulfill the promise behind the brand – your people do.

    We provide a safe & secure place to reconnect, restore clarity and confidence, explore possibilities for improvement, see new perspectives and pave a way forward for yourself and your team. Transform into the new best version of yourself or your organization.
    Coach, Coaching Supervision, Development Workshops & Facilitation Service Packages are fully customizable.

  • Abrasive Behavior Turnaround Coaching
  • Coaching the Coach – Behind the scenes coaching supervision support
  • Leadership Tune-Up™ for current leaders
  • New Leader Assimilation Assistance
  • Guided OM Stress Reduction Breaks for the Workplace – In person or remote guided meditation relaxation breaks
  • Succession Planning Support Systems & Facilitated Organizational Performance Review Tools and Guided Facilitation
  • Coaching Crossroads® Critical Communication & Change Management Solutions
  • Ideal Coach® …The Missing Link Workshop Series
  • Rethink U™ Academy Workshop Series
  • Strategic Intelligence™ Workshops
  • Personality Profiling and Team Effectiveness Solutions
  • Raising Emotional Intelligence Workshops, Assessments, Debreifs & Growth Guidance
  • 360 Surveys to Accelerate Faculty, Executive, Emerging Talent, Team, and Organiztional Health
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    Additional Human Capital Solutions:

  • Outplacement transition assistance
  • Resume writing workshops
  • Job, Performance & Environment Benchmarking
  • Compensation & Market Analysis
  • Conflict Resolution, Mediation & Expert Witness Support Services
  • WOW Factor™ & Fabulous Facilitation Skills™ Training Workshops