Healthy Culture and Engagement Strategies in Action.

Our toolbox is packed with proven strategies and tools needed to enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, reality testing, interpersonal communication, social awareness, self-awareness, relationship management, decision making, stress management, and self-management.

Business Improvement 

  • Align business goals from the boardroom to front-line associates
  • Improve processes to maximize efficiency
  • Help leaders adapt to change, responding effectively and efficiently
  • Deploy key strategies and three key success systems
  • Engagement Survey Facilitated Focus Groups

    Talent Pipeline Improvement

    • Coaching and Coach the Coach Training to develop people for better performance
    • Guidance in managing difficult performance problems
    • Identifying and developing leaders
    • Assessing and selecting the right candidates for key talent pool pipelines

      Culture Improvement Value-Add Assessments & Strategies

      • HRRRO™ Survival Skills for School, Work and Life Success System
      • Conflict Resolution, Mediation, and Expert Witness Services
      • Gear Grinder™ Abrasive or Ineffective Behavior Turn-around Coaching
      • Coach Mentoring – Behind the scenes coaching supervision support
      • Individual Coaching, Growth Success Strategies and Growth Graphs
      • Coaching Crossroads® Conversational Intelligence Toolbox
      • Coaching Crossroads® Power Down Real Talk Forums
      • Gear Up New Leader Assimilation™
      • Over-Drive Talent & Succession Review™ Facilitation
      • Ideal Coach® …The Missing Link Coach Training Workshops
      • DiSC & Team Effectiveness Assessments and Workshops
      • 6S360™ EQ Emotional Intelligence, Organization, Individual, and Leadership Effectiveness Assessments

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