Why Coaching Crossroads®

  • People rarely resist our offer to help.
  • Communication flows naturally even in the midst of a client’s most difficult times.
  • We care about understanding the problem from a client’s point of view.
  • We celebrate break-through performance and productivity.
  • We deploy an unstoppable wellspring of solutions problems can’t stand against.
  • We apply just the right amount of patience to wear away troubles in times of turmoil, transition or change.
  • It isn’t uncommon to see us walking shoulder-to-shoulder with clients on a manufacturing floor collaborating creative new ways around the most challenging roadblocks.

Jamie Chapman, Founder & President

My best leadership lessons and most favorite lifework is as a mother and grandmother.

I spent my life in deep study of human beings. I was the third child of four, so I spent a lot of time negotiating to keep the peace between my other siblings or fighting for time on my mom’s lap. I saw the mess and the challenges my older siblings got into and began studying how I might avoid the same setbacks and early years heartbreak for my parents.

I had the great fortune of training as a general manager of a staffing firm. Some of you may know that leadership and helping people find jobs is the most incredible opportunity because you get up close and personal with human beings suffering on many levels on a daily basis.

I’ve been in the room where people have lost their jobs, their livelihood and, in many cases, the ability to provide for their family – at least temporarily. I’ve had people burst into tears right in front of me, and it’s a really profound moment when they still leave the office thanking me for the transformational experience.

I’ve also been in the new hire orientation room where new hires are coming into the working world for the first time. Let’s just say I’ve helped deliver thousands of from crisis’ at work and in their personal life on many occasions.

Through some early in life game-changing coaching and leadership training experiences, and a never-ending pursuit of learning, I became a human dynamics researcher. My research work started in the temporary help field, spiraling into coaching and mentoring youth on workforce readiness, and now as an Americas Region Human Resource Leader sharing secrets to success for those in the winner’s circle.

For twenty-six years I’ve studied people and what makes them tick. I thrive on understanding how fellow humans roll along socially and emotionally, how they navigate inside the workplace and paid close attention to what made new learning stick with each person. I zeroed in on performance and potential differences and what kind of squeeze you could put on a person to get them to unlearn and relearn healthier habits for a more rich life.

More recently, I invest my time assessing talent on emotional intelligence, certifying others to coach and deliver emotional intelligence assessments in higher education, and sharing my experiences with audiences on a much larger scale. I have the good fortune of working with CEOs, higher education institutions and leaders around the world in some of the most complex companies and higher education institutions looking at the hidden dynamics to determine whether an individual or company has what it takes to succeed or is risking failure.

I’ve worked with the most prized professionals helping them to win CEO, CFO or Police Chief jobs. None of this I’ve shared is more important to me than the role I play as a mother. I am a work in progress and don’t always get leadership right, especially in my home. I often wondered if there was one thing I’ve learned and wanted to leave with my children and people I’ve had the privilege of working with, what would it be? It is what I share with the world today.

What is that one thing? Ask me.

For now, just know I’m in love with covert coaching operations behind the scenes of individuals and companies in the midst of crisis, turmoil, transition or change.

Social responsibility and civil discourse guide Coaching Crossroads® work in the community, at Boise State University, Teen Hope of Idaho, and CACHE (Consortium on Abrasive Conduct in Higher Education). Unhealthy conditions inspire her best work, such as creating specialized conversational intelligence frameworks, raising emotional intelligence in homes, schools, and workplaces.
“Jamie helped me focus on better ways to obtain a state of equilibrium and balance in achieving better performance, productivity, and functioning in all areas in which our team operates.”
– Rob Hickey, Canyon County Ambulance

Client Engagements Include:
Plexus Manufacturing Solutions, Canyon County, City of Twin Falls, Boise State University, Real Networks, Micron, MPC Computer, Simplot, Nampa Police Department, Metropolitan State University, Harvard Law School, Gladstone Institute, and Lyle Pearson Auto Show.

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