Working with Emotional Intelligence.

We deliver introductory and more advanced scientifically proven emotional intelligence assessments, coaching, and workshops at locations around the world. Our workshops are designed to help leaders use increased understanding of emotions and self-regulation to better communicate both verbally and non-verbally, problem-solve with greater optimism, and improve the impact on others around you.

Both Level One and Two Mastering Emotional Intelligence workshops use the TalentSmart EQ 2.0 assessment results, where Level Three Working with Emotional Intelligence is an intensive experiential learning workshop with our deeper dive EQ Leadership or Leadership 360 assessment. We will discuss which is the best option for your team’s specific needs.

Assessments help you objectively see and analyze your own skills. These sprout and accelerate new growth when followed by in-depth workshops to improve senses and learn how to use emotion to build strong relationships, work more productively, lead more effectively, and achieve outstanding results you are now more capable of.

“Through the TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence workshops and program, I am now able to equip our partners with not only the tools to better understand their own EQ but also how to use and apply it to be a more impactful leader and productive partner.”

Tara Delaney, Senior Training Specialist


It’s no longer about how smart we are or our years of experience, but how well we manage ourselves and our relationships that fuels sustainable success.


  • How to increase capacity to be aware of, control, and appropriately express emotions.
  • How to detect and better read others’ emotions
  • Better ways to communicate, gain influence and manage conflict
    Learning About Emotional Intelligence Just Isn’t Enough
    Participants need objective assessments to understand and engage in their learning. Assessments and the workshops together give a clear, practical pathway to build new skills. We will package for you only what works best for your team’s unique needs. We use the latest in experiential activities, based on science but adapted to be simple and active learning for all audiences.

    Mastering Emotional Intelligence – Level One
    Includes a full day of curriculum, EQ assessment, EQ 2.0 book, brain, and workbook.

    A flexible, practical, and accelerated training program designed to efficiently give learners the tools and strategies they need to increase their EQ.


    Mastering Emotional Intelligence – Level Two
    Includes five flexible modules in 1.5 days of curriculum and workbooks.
    This advanced program pushes EQ skills to new heights by helping you to connect with people, master difficult conversations, make great decisions, and build high-performing teams. One and half days of curriculum in 5 modules to develop deeper understanding and advanced skills practice.


    Emotional Intelligence in Action – Level Three
    A full day of intensive experiential learning exercises to practice new skills and new way of working with emotional intelligence from the inside-out.

    Includes EQi 2.0 assessment designed for Higher Education – Student, Faculty, Workplace Individual, Leader, or Leadership 6S360™ degree survey.


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