Twenty-six years of coaching abrasive leader turn-arounds and participating in the most fascinating human and wolf research project with Scientist Kurt Kotrschal has prepared us to help leaders appreciate what it means to really develop ‘leadership presence’ and coaching effectiveness. If it isn’t yet possible to attend the Wolf Interactive Experience, we share real life wolf engagement stories to help leaders learn and explore:

  • How they ‘show’ up
  • How they feel
  • How effectively they communicate verbally and non-verbally
    This involves inspiring deep trust by communicating a fundamental ‘ok-ness’ with oneself and others. People, like animals, and especially wolves’ will always on some level, ask the question “am I safe being with and following you?” We have a saying that ‘the truth leaks from every pore’ if we feel unsure and worried on the inside…no amount of play, acting will disguise this being read intuitively/energetically by others. Thus, the first step in developing more personal leadership presence is for individuals to realize and work through any personal psychological blockers that may dissuade others from trusting them on an energetic level.


    When we work with wolves, we engage in a conversation that does not require human language or social symbolism. We are then left with something else, something more immediate, more primal and more real. Gaining trust and being with the wolves requires switching our attention from our usual social presentation and needs (which means nothing to the wolf) to a focus on a basic and more primal somatic awareness and communication. We coach participants to switch their ‘intention’ and ‘attention’ to perceive the world differently and for the world to then perceive them differently.
    Wolves are also an iconic example for typical human prejudice and projections, which can be both positive (wolf as spiritual figure for some, e.g. hunter-gatherers), or negative (wolf as a symbol of all evil; killing a wolf has been a scapegoat function of purging the world from evil. When we work closely with the wolves it can also serve to awaken us to the way we also form similar projections and prejudice towards other people.


    How will I benefit from a wolf interactive coaching and mindfulness experience?
    The purpose of the one-day coaching sessions in Vienna Austria are to:
  • Explore the giving and receiving of attention as a basis for social interaction.
  • Explore the role of mindfulness in overcoming different manifestations of social anxiety and establishing leadership presence.
    As a leader you will:
  • Explore how you can improve your senses and develop your (leadership) presence by talking with wolves,
  • Discover patterns that hold you back from clear communication.
  • Custom two-day programs for teams up to 10 people are possible. Connect with us for more information.

Customized two-day executive team programs for groups of up to 10 people are available with two months advance notice.


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