Twenty-six years of executive coaching, guiding abrasive leader turnarounds and participating in the most fascinating human and wolf behavior research project on the planet has prepared us to help drive leadership effectiveness in a unique and game-changing way.

We understand and fully appreciate what it means to really develop ‘leadership presence’ and coaching effectiveness. We share real-life wolf engagement stories to help leaders learn more about:

  • How they ‘show’ up
  • How they feel
  • How effectively they communicate verbally and non-verbally
    We learned about how wolves are an iconic example for typical human prejudice and projections, which can be both positive (wolf as spiritual figure for some, e.g. hunter-gatherers), or negative (wolf as a symbol of all evil; killing a wolf has been a scapegoat function of purging the world from evil). Working closely with the wolves awakened us to the way we also form similar judgement, projections and prejudice towards other people.
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